Featured Services


We offer complete painting and decorating services to all sectors, Private, Commercial, and Industrial


We offer domestic, commercial & industrial tiling services of any form including Ceramics, Mosaics, etc.

Line Marking

We provide a professional residential, commercial or road marking service of the highest quality assured line markings.


We do Seamless Aluminum, Down pipes, Stainless steel guttering, felt roofing, lead work, Soffits, Leaf guards etc.

Want to renew your paving or re-surface?


At JAPTA Projects we understand that in today’s difficult financial times, new brick paving is often not within one’s budget.Keeping this in mind we offer the option of renewing your paving and tar surface. This option is very cost effective and gives you paving or tar that looks brand new. Paving renewal works well on clay paving bricks. When we assess your paving to be renewed we will allow for a percentage of new paving bricks to account for the few old paving bricks we may not be able to use. We also do re-surfacing of paved areas, crack filling & patching.

Other Services

Bevel Bond Paving

Bevel bond paver is a standard concrete paving brick. It is ideal for driveways. It is the most cost effective paver and is relatively simple to install. This is the paving type that can withstand the weight of cars with ease and will be sure to provide you with plenty of peace of mind. 50mm thick is ideal for residential driveways. For commercial driveways 60mm thick pavers are recommended.

Interlocking Paving

This is an interlocking paving brick for industrial or heavy commercial applications where trucks, forklifts and other heavy machinery are prevalent. This paver has also been used extensively on municipal roads. The use of segment block paving on public roads has become very popular in RSA not only because of job creation when installing them, but also because of it’s proven durability.

Clay / Broken Cobble Paving

If you’re on a tight budget, the cheapest way of paving is with broken half brick pavers. These are clay pavers that have cracked during the time they were baked in the kiln, they don’t brake exactly in half but came out of the kiln in different sizes. The popular pattern to use is circles (also known as wagon wheels). It is strong and provides you with a classic, sophisticated aesthetic appeal.

Corobrick Paving

Corobrick offers astounding design possibilities that makes your property stand out. Corobrick innate earthy appeal makes it the perfect material. Meanwhile, the relatively easy installation and maintanance efforts that corobrick pavers require makes it highly cost-efficient when compared with other pavers. They’re available in various exciting patterns, shapes & colors that can help you achieve your dream look and feel.

Slurry Seal

Slurry seal is applied in-order to to help preserve & protect underlying pavement structure and provide a new surface. Slurry seal serve to seal the cracks, restore lost flexibility to the pavement surface, provide a deep, rich black pavement surface color and help preserve the underlying pavement structure. Location, weather, traffic loading, and pavement conditions are factors used to determine if a slurry seal application is appropriate.

SmartStone Paving

It is available in a wide selection of types, colors allowing an unlimited choice of laying patterns & designs. Whether you choose the classic lines of herringbone in standard blocks, random cobbles using concrete setts or complex patterns with circle or octant features, surely there’s style to suit your property. It is easy to maintain, repair. If you need to access underground services, it’s easy to reform by just replacing the existing blocks.